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The Malevolent Shadows


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This is the news page of The Malevolent Shadows it will be updated often.

The Malevolent Shadows are now recruiting if you would like to join the clan email me at or add me on Xbox Live and I i let you know.
Clan member I will have a forum up soon.
If you haven't accepted you clan invite do so as soon as possible so we can have matches guys.
Also if you guy have any pictures please send them to me so I can get them up on the site. My email is
Make sure in the subject line you tell me that its a pic so I won't delete it thanks in advance.
We have a new addition to the team Hootiehoo283.
You guys haven't been on or you have been on but not all us together. We need to get some practice. Thanks to Zoletan we now have good positions on old town and nowhere.
Attention!!!!!!!: Clan members we will probably have a clan match or a scrimage match so guy try to be on over the weekend and next week.

W3 W1ll Stalk Y0u 1n Th3 Shadows